Brigadier General delivers oath for Air Force recruits aboard USS Midway Museum

Tuesday aboard the USS Midway Museum 15 Air Force recruits took their oaths aboard the USS Midway Museum. The ceremony extra special as Brigadier General Houston Cantwell delivered the oath as well as remarks to the recruits and their families.

Brigadier General Cantwell began his career in 1994. He was named Commanding General, NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force in July 2020 and is currently stationed in Italy. In his career he also has 400 combat hours including many in F-16’s.

In San Diego, the Air Force may seem like an un likely choice for recruits with the Navy and Marines both being in town

Diego Mendez says, “I always really liked planes and I know that the Navy has a lot more planes but I really like anything to do with aviation. This museum is why I got into planes.”

As these recruits head off to boot camp, Brigadier General Cantwell gave this advice.

“There are so many opportunities that are in the United States Air Force for these young aspiring men and women and I want them to go out there and look for those opportunities. If you don’t know about the opportunities you can’t take them. So be aggressive, find opportunities. Not everything‘s gonna work out for you but you gotta keep trying and seek those out and you’re gonna have a successful career.”


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