Brother’s Family Restaurant is about more than food

Cathy Coleman is the owner of Brother’s Family Restaurant located in San Diego, but her restaurant is more than just feeding hungry customers. Cathy takes care of her customers.

A large portion of Brother’s Family customers are seniors and when they don’t have a ride, Cathy picks up customers to take them to doctor’s appointments. One customer, who would ride a motorized scooter into the restaurant due to a disability, was given a parking space — Cliff’s Parking Space — right by the entrance to make it easier for him to get into the restaurant. 

There are so many stories like this about Cathy, her customers said.

On top of the above-and-beyond customer service, they also have the best pancakes in the country with "Grandma Jennie’s Pancake," her customers say.

"Cathy has such a warm personality and an infectious laugh that makes you feel good to be there," customer Ruby Caldwell said. "Many family members work there and she’s helped nieces, nephews, and her children get thru high school and college by providing jobs for them."

She is even started a bingo night that includes dinner, desert, tickets and prizes, making the restaurant a real community place. Each third Thursday of the month is packed with customers enjoying the entertainment and food. 

"Cathy Coleman is not only the owner, she’s is also a strong supporter of her community," Caldwell said. "If you chose to go to Brother’s you won’t be disappointed you’ll walk into a business full of love."

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