Brothers open SD United Training Center in San Diego

Brothers Joe and Dan Gram are the owners of a unique gym in San Diego that aims to help children in their development through gymnastics and other classes.

The duo started the SD United Training Center 7 years ago when Joe was a 25-year-old recent graduate of UC San Diego and Dan was 22-years-old.

Dan has been training in gymnastics since age 4 and trained under world champion JinJing Zhang before going to college to study Sports Marketing and Management at Indiana University.

He moved back to San Diego to combine his two passions and open SD United Training Center with his brother.

The gym’s values, listed on their website include:

We believe that sport is an integral part in a child’s development aiding in their physical development, social development, and intellectual development.
We believe in sport competition. In the rush of victory and the growth/perseverance learned in defeat
We believe in family.
We believe in sweat, in hard-work, sacrifice, and in toiling in the trenches.
We believe that sport is as much an intellectual endeavor as a physical.
We believe in staying young, both in heart and in health.

Learn more about SD United Training Center here

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