Brown: Not just a ‘career politician’

Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, appearing live on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego program Thursday, scoffed at the perception that he's a 'career politician,' but said that his extensive political experience gives him a unique perspective and an independence that can help get things accomplished in Sacramento if elected governor.

Brown said that Republican candidate Meg Whitman's campaign equates to someone applying for a job with a blank resume. “She's never voted, she's never worked in a school board election, she hasn't shown any interest until two years ago,” said Brown. “So I would say, from a business point of view, you want to look at somebody with the relevant skill set for the problems ahead.”

“The problem ahead is not making money, or running a corporation,” Brown continued, “it's dealing with the legislature, it's dealing with local government, it's dealing with Republicans and Democrats and unions and businesses, and the Chamber of Commerce. I've been studying this my entire life… I've been a mayor, I've been a governor, I've been a secretary of state. I think I've got a good sense of how it works.”

When asked if he felt the perception that he's a 'career politician' would be held against him, Brown bristled at the label. “I've worked with Mother Teresa in India, I've lived in a small Mexican village for several months, I've traveled all over Latin America, and I've been a lawyer in private practice,” he said. “But leaving all that aside, we do have some tough problems. I'm 72. I started this 40 years ago. I do have a perspective and an independence that you don't have when you're younger. When you're climbing up the ladder, you wanna be president, you wanna look good… that's one thing. But at my stage in life, I think I have the independence, I have the clarity and the knowledge to really get something done.”

When asked what he felt was the most important thing voters at home are concerned about, Brown listed the economy as the number one factor, and said California green jobs could be the catalyst. “The biggest thing is people have lost their homes and want to do something about it. People have lost their jobs and they want to see a more vibrant economy. And that's something very much influenced by the national and international economy, ” said Brown. “But I think the next governor could help California regain its leadership as the leader in renewable energy. When I was governor, California was the world leader in electricity generated from wind, and I think we can do the same thing with solar and wind, geothermal, we can retrofit buildings to make them more efficient. I see 500,000 people in the new green jobs, the new technology, that will enable us to cut off from foreign energy. We can use California sun and California wind, we can make our buildings and machines more efficient, and put a lot of people to work. And that gives us a real leadership position in the country and the world.”

Brown is holding a campaign rally at San Diego State University on Thursday afternoon.

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