Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ employees attacked by homeless men

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Following up on KUSI’s story from Tuesday regarding the Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ restaurant being vandalized by homeless people.

Tuesday morning, the owner, Mari Iaquinta, of Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ arrived to explicit graffiti spraypainted on the walls of her patio, an act of retaliation by the homeless because she turned off her power so they couldn’t use her electricity to charge their phones.

None of the acts of vandalism were captured on security cameras because the homeless removed the restaurant’s cameras themselves.

After she shared the story with KUSI News, the homeless continued their attack. While her brother was taking out the trash, the homeless assaulted him.

KUSI’s Rafer Weigel reported live from Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ with Iaquinta, as she expresses concern for her safety and the safety of her employees.

Iaquinta has reached out to the City of San Diego and the police department for help, but they are not doing anything to make them feel safe.

Iaquinta’s brother was able to identify one of his attackers to police, as they him into custody, as he already had a warrant out for his arrest.

It is clear that there is a violent, dangerous, criminal group of San Diego’s massive homeless population, but Mayor Todd Gloria refuses to acknowledge the problem. Gloria believes San Diego’s homeless crisis is a result of lack of tenant protections.

ORIGINAL STORY: Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ restaurant vandalized by homeless people


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