Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ restaurant vandalized by homeless people

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As San Diego’s homeless population continues to soar to new highs, Mayor Todd Gloria has yet to publicly address the issue and take any responsibility.

Since Mayor Gloria took office, the homeless population in Downtown San Diego alone has nearly tripled.

Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ restaurant in the Morena District has been a staple in the community, and the owner has now had enough.

For years, the family owned and operated restaurant was allowing homeless people to sleep on their patio, even use their power to charge their phones. Drug use and litter began frequenting the area, and the police were nowhere to be found.

Monday, the owner decided to turn her power off because she was tired of cleaning up after the very homeless people she was compassionate enough to help.

When she arrived Tuesday morning, she arrived to more destruction and vandalism of her restaurant. Spray painted on the wall were the words, “F*ck Your Power.”

As KUSI’s Dan Plante reports, there is a difference between a homeless person, and a criminal.

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