Businesses in La Mesa receive financial help from the La Mesa recovery fund

LA MESA (KUSI) – The La Mesa Springs shopping Center looks and feels much different today. The emotional healing to all of the looting and physical damage done has already begun. Today the financial healing begins.

Albert Garzon who owns Albert’s Mexican Food received a $5000 check from the La Mesa Recovery Fund.

“You know something, I’m feeling awesome about the whole town of La Mesa. It’s crazy that it happened,” said Garzon.

Plywood still covers the windows of his restaurant, one month after they were smashed up by looters. The violent mob showed up during the protesting of George Floyd’s death. Garzon was one of 27 business owners who were hand delivered a check by representatives from The East County Chamber of Commerce and the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

“This arranges for people who need to meet a deductible, do simple repairs need to be done, staffing issues.  We are now in phase to anyone who didn’t apply or didn’t know about it we are encouraging everyone to apply and that will go through July,” said Rick Wilson, Pres. Of East County Chamber of Commerce.

Twenty-two hundred individual donors contributed to the go fund me account that was started a few days after the ordeal.

The last 30 days has been an emotional roller coaster for the Garzon family especially for the kids.

“What I saw that night, not protesters, they were looters it’s OK to protest that’s why we can but they took it to another level,” said Garzon who’s using the images of that night to teach his children about the difference between protesting and civil disobedience.

Much like the message that is painted on the plywood of his business, that says ‘Do what’s right” which was painted by artists who are trying to encourage the community, Garzon says he wants to do what’s right. That’s why he is planning to pay it forward and give his check away to a business that is struggling because of COVID-19.

“After what happened yesterday, after hearing the news because of Covid, that they were going to shut down the bars and breweries and pubs, I just said ‘I can’t imagine being in those shoes.’  I can’t. I’m in a blessed position where we never really had to shut down,” said Garzon.

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