CA Supreme Court denies appeal for “Bolder than Most Rapist”

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The California Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from sexually violent predator Alvin Quarles.

He is known as the “Bolder than Most Rapist” after committing dozens of attacks in the late 80’s.

Quarles will remain in custody after victims and the District Attorney fought to overturn a ruling by Judge David Gill.

In July of 2018, Judge Gill granted Quarles’ release despite doctors saying the felon was not ready.

Survivors and DA Summer Stephan’s office appealed the decision to the California State Appellate court. The panel agreed with the DA and reversed Judge Gill’s decision to release.

The defense appealed that decision to the California Supreme Court. They denied hearing the case and upheld the Appellate Court ruling. Quarles will remain in custody at Coalinga State Hospital.

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