Cabo tourists return to San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Many Cabo San Lucas tourists were finally able to come home to San Diego Wednesday night after being stranded in Cabo San Lucas thanks to Hurricane Odile.

Hurricane Odile, when it hit Baja California was a category three hurricane. Instead of margaritas on the beach, travelers to Cabo had to deal with heavy rain and winds.

The monster storm knocked out electricity and water service, giving a different twist to the term, ‘tropical getaway’.

For the first time since the hurricane hit, the Cabos airport re-opened and airlines ferried the first group of tourists out of the city.

An estimated 30,000 tourists had been stranded, and some of them were housed in temporary shelters in hotels.

As food and water supplies began to dwindle, tourists began to feel afraid.

Despite the widespread damage, some tourists had more positive experience. At least those who were able to stay in their resorts the whole time.

Some tourists reported not knowing the scope of the devastation, until they got ready to leave.

In recent days, there has been a looting problem, as people try to grab food and other products.

The Mexican Government is providing help by sending military and commercial planes to airlift tourists out of Cabo.

Alaska Airlines plans to have additional flights out of Cabo to California tomorrow.

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