Exclusive: Caitlyn Jenner campaigns to bring a pro-business environment to California

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall election looming, dozens of Californians have officially entered the race to replace him.

One of the most notable candidates, Republican Caitlyn Jenner, is campaigning to “take back California for the people” since Gavin Newsom has ruined the state.

In one of Jenner’s ads, she emphasizes that “overreaching” and “overbearing” government is causing people to leave the state of California in large numbers. Jenner says “we need to go to Sacramento with a different approach. We need less regulations, we need less taxes, we need to compete against the other states that, like Texas, Florida, that are taking our citizens and our businesses away.”

Jenner calls herself a, “inclusive Republican,” because she holds more liberal values on social issues. But, she has no plans to align with the traditional Republican point of view. “I’m on the outside when it comes to social issues, I don’t want to go to the typical Republican party, I want the Republican party to come to me.”

“We’ve proved honestly, even with the Trump Administration for the first three years, conservative economic values work,” she explained. Continuing, “we can’t have social issues, we can’t help the homeless, we can’t help people if we don’t have an economy, and right now, we don’t have an economy.”

In addition to her low taxes, pro-business policies, Jenner wants to get our kids back in school. She blasted Newsom’s hypocrisy for failing to fight for California students, explaining his actions speak much louder than his words. Jenner acknowledged the power and strength of the teachers union, but vowed to fight for our students who lost a very important year of their lives.

Jenner explained the real “inequality” in our system is parents who can’t afford to send their kids to private school, losing the privilege.

“Gavin Newsom has been a disaster for this state, and it’s only accelerated under his rule, he’s now the worst governor we’ve ever had, with all due respect to Grey Davis. He’s got to go, he’s ruining the state. His response to COVID has been his downfall,” Jenner said.

With California being a border state, Jenner promises to secure our border with Mexico, a topic of high-interest for San Diego. She even proposed using the billions of dollars designated for California’s “high-speed train to nowhere for nobody” and using it fund border security. Jenner makes it clear she supports legal immigration, promising to make it “safe and easy,” but believes our current system is “corrupt, lawless and broken.”

Jenner detailed her support for building the wall along the US-Mexico border, and even said California should build it themselves in areas where they can. One of the first things the Biden Administration did upon taking office was end the construction of the border wall that was started under Trump. Jenner says policies like this are what has created the crisis at the southern border.

Regarding support from the transgender community, Jenner said, “it was easier to come out as transgender than it was to come out as a Republican.” But she vowed to be an example, “to all those young people who are struggling with their identity and show them that they can get through this.”

Caitlyn Jenner joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries in-studio to details her policy proposals and share why she decided to enter the race to replace Governor Gavin Newsom.

For more information on Jenner’s campaign visit: caitlynjenner.com

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