Caitlyn Jenner visits San Diego to tour the border wall

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Caitlyn Jenner visited San Diego Friday to tour the southern border wall and promised to finish construction if elected governor of California. 

She criticized Governor Gavin Newsom’s approach to immigration promising not only to finish the border wall but also send more resources to California Border Patrol agents. Jenner said the crisis at the border is one of the main reasons she decided to run in the upcoming recall election.

“I was laying in bed and I was watching what was happening at the border— people dying, drowning and kids in cages,” Jenner said. “It was bad policies and bad outcomes.”

Agents said in addition to the border wall, they need resources, technology, and support to curb the increasing rise in immigration. Jenner promised to use state funds to finish portions of the wall that have been left unfinished under the Biden Administration. Jenner said she supports legal immigration but called the current system in place, ‘broken.’

“I want to do a program where you can legally come into the country to work, that’s extremely important,” Jenner said. “I want them to pay into the system, not take advantage of the system. That’s extremely important. It just has to be organized and you have to have a governor in place who’s going to do that.”

Jenner repeatedly stated that finishing the border wall, at whatever means necessary, would be a priority as governor. KUSI asked how she would appeal to the portion of California voters who do not feel the completion of the southern border wall is necessary. 

“I have always been a republican, why? Because I have conservative economic values,” Jenner said. “I also call myself an inclusive republican, why? Because on social issues I am inclusive on all issues. People understand that’s exactly what we need.”

She is hoping to win over the large majority of undecided voters who say they want to oust Newsom but don’t know yet who they will support.

“I have been in races my whole life, won a lot of races,” Jenner said. “I am in this to win it so that’s why we will be more middle right instead of far right.”

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