California AG Xavier Becerra announces report on immigration detention facilities

ORANGE COUNTY (KUSI) – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra released a report on immigration detentions facilities in California as a step to understanding the living conditions of the state’s more than 6,000 detainees.

There are 10 detention centers in California, and Becerra’s team visited each center for one day, and looked at three centers more comprehensively. The three centers looked at were in Yolo County, Orange County and Contra Costa County.

Becerra’s team found a number of common challenges at these three facilities; prolonged confinement, significant language barriers, difficulties in accessing medical care, barriers to legal representation, and difficulties with external communication.

Some of these facilities were willing to adapt to some of these challenges. Others not so.

Becerra blames the problems at these detention centers as not being properly supervised and managed by federal authorities.

In visiting these centers, the state is trying to stop any possible health problems.

But immigration attorney Esther Valdes saw the report as looking more for human rights violations, than California health standards. “I don’t think he was very clear in enumerating any particular violations, but he was very clear in saying it meets the federal guidelines,” says Valdes.

Becerra was mandated to visit the centers by the legislature. Each visit was announced beforehand and he mentioned there were no violations of federal guidelines

This was the first of several reports that will come annually until 2027.

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