California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley is introducing legislation to fully repeal AB 5

In reaction to the significant opposition to AB 5, California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley is introducing AB 1928 to fully repeal AB 5.

Kiley believes the AB 5 experiment has failed, and it is destroying lives every single day. On Thursday, February 27th, Kiley will initiate a vote on the repeal bill, AB 1928.

Kiley points out that even the author of AB 5, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher, has admitted that there are flaws in the legislation. In a video published to Twitter, Kiley asked, “when everyone agrees a law is causing major problems, why in the world would we continue to enforce it?”

On KUSI News, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez claimed that there isn’t proof that thousands of people have lost work because of AB 5. But, Kiley says over 200 professions are being harmed by AB 5, but the true number is unbounded.

Kiley even published a letter that he wrote to all California Assembly members ahead of the vote on his repeal bill. The letter read, “so far this year, legislators have introduced 33 bills amending, narrowing, or overhauling AB 5. Everyone at the Capitol recognizes the law is causing widespread hardship. Even the author is proposing major changes. But none of these bills has an urgency clause. That means relief will be delayed until at least next year. For Californians whose professional relationships are severed or businesses shuttered in the meantime, that’s too late.”

KUSI’s Lauren Phinney spoke with Assemblyman Kiley on the phone about his efforts to fully repeal AB 5.

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