California budget deadline approaching

In a word, the reason is taxes. The Democrats want to extend them, but the Governor has been unable to get enough Republicans to go along. In fact, he hasn't gotten any.

This is very frustrating to a governor who got elected by convincing voters that only a person with an insider's knowledge of California politics, and a lifetime of political skills, could bring in a budget on time, and move California forward. The Governor is confused.

“I'm really perplexed why a package of this magnitude and with this permanence that has reforms, which has realignment, and which has temporary tax extensions cannot be allowed for you the people to decide on,” said Gov. Jerry Brown.

Republicans are not against a special election if it includes the reforms they seek on pensions, a spending cap, and less regulations. There is no agreement here.

Monday, the Governor paraded a group of leaders from business, labor, education, and law enforcement before the cameras to push the legislature into passing the extensions now, followed later by a vote of the people.

“We're asking the legislature to do what they were elected to do,” said Jim Arp of Alliance for Jobs.

“We're exposed as a state if we don't get this passed,” said Mark Pazin of the Sheriffs' Association.

“By opposing the Governor's plan Republicans in the legislature are denying California the chance to move forward,” said Art Pulaski of the California Labor Federation.

So, here we are several days from a budget deadline with virtually no progress on the tax issue.

“The only people against this are a relatively small number of influential Republicans who don't like this,” Gov. Brown said.

Not 100% true. Recently, three senate Democrats voted against tax extensions.

The Governor promises to soldier on negotiating with Republicans, and three Democrats. Today, the sixth on-time budget in the last 30 years is in jeopardy.

“If we don't make it Wednesday, maybe we can make it Thursday, or Friday.  I think they should not go home (until) they get this job done,” Gov. Brown said.

Bottom line, the Governor wants taxes that expire at the end of this month to be extended for three more months, then let the voters decide later to extend them for five years.

Republicans say let the taxes expire and voters can decide later if they should be reinstated.

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