California could legalize recreational marijuana use in 2016

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Supporters of legalizing marijuana are cheering the results of elections in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C., after voters said YES to making pot legal for recreational use.

Medicinal marijuana use is already legal in California, so the issue would be removing criminal penalties from pot use, and allowing it be sold for recreation.

One of San Diego’s Attorney supports the movement to reform marijuana laws.

In 2010, California voters defeated a ballot initiative to legalize pot, but with election victories for champions of reform in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C., those who want to legalize pot in the golden state say they may take the issue to the voters gain in 2016.

Sales of marijuana are already occurring in Colorado and Washington state, where pot was legalized by voters in 2012.

In those states, adults over the age of 21 can buy pot, edibles and extracts at state licensed dispensaries.

Both states have reaped millions of dollars in new taxes.

Here in California, opinion polls show that wide support for legalization.

Opponents argue that allowing sales for recreational use would have a host of negative effects, especially for teenagers.

Supporters of legalization are already beginning to organize.

The Marijuana Policy Project that fought for legal use in Colorado, has formed a committee to start fundraising for a drive in California.

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