California defying President Trump on Paris Accord and immigration 

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Governor Brown and the Democrats in Sacramento are in open revolt against President Trump.

They are considering declaring all of California a sanctuary state and even though the nation is pulling out of the Paris Accord, Governor Brown is moving forward, signing agreements.

Gov. Brown is leading the charge in the most vocal state resisting President Trump, declaring open season on the White House withdrawal from the Paris Accord.

He is continuing cooperation in a climate deal with the German government, the German environment minister in San Francisco instead of Washington.

And that comes after a week-long trip in China, where Gov. Brown signed green technology agreements, expanded climate deals and met with President Xi Jinping in what looked like a visit by a foreign head of state.

Since Trump’s election, California has been ground zero for the opposition.

The overwhelmingly Democratic state legislature working on a flurry of laws, including one that makes the entire state a sanctuary for immigrants and proposing its own single payer health care system.

"California, in many ways, is out of control," said President Trump, unable to ignore the state’s rebellion. He is pledging to pull federal funding from California. 

California is leveraging its economic power as the world’s sixth largest economy.

It is one of 13 states that the U.S. Climate Alliance says is pledging to follow the Paris Accord pact. 

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