California DMV Commits to Lower Wait Times

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s no surprise a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles is going to cost you your day, but some San Diego customers said it’s more than just the long lines.

“It was terrible. It was so hot yesterday,” said Suzanna Wynott-Frost, Resident of Point Loma. “I stood in line for 3 hours and 15 minutes yesterday and everybody’s just going through the motions. This is what they do.”

When you can’t get that coveted appointment, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

“So then I knew I had to come up to the dmv, stand in line,” said Wynott-Frost. “Three hours later, I get my real ID. They said they’d mail it to me in 2-3 weeks.”

Five or six weeks go by and she said there’s still nothing in the mail.

Suzanna Wynott-Frost said she called up the DM and, to her surprise, they told her the ID was sent a month ago. If she didn’t get it, who did?

“That frightens me. That’s a concern,” said Wynott-Frost. “Where are these real IDs going?”

So she made another day trip to the DMV Monday.

“I said, ‘I’ve already done this’ and that’s when he said, ‘We can’t have you step up ahead of the line because 10% of these people in here didn’t receive their driver’s license in the mail,” said Wynott-Frost.

Just like that, she was back in line to ask in person where he ID card went.

“I’m just another person that didn’t get their driver’s license and I addressed that,” said Wynott-Frost. “I said, ‘It’s is a concern. This scares me.’ Why is this not something you’re trying to figure out?”

The wait times don’t seem to be getting any better.

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“They’ve got them packed up like sardines right now,” said Miguel Camargo, Resident of San Diego. “Man, we can’t fit in there! That’s why I came out.”

“Every time I’ve been here, it’s been over three hours and I’ve been here three times in the past month,” said Lenise Hauser, Resident of San Diego.

Three hours are at the low end of the wait times.

“It’s terrible. It’s just a day. It’s one day of work and it’s from 8AM to 1PM,” said Daniel Gutierrez, Resident of Chula Vista. “I think it’s a lot of time to be here for just one little thing.”

“It should be easier,” said Della Smith, Resident of San Diego. “They should have a better method then just standing and waiting, especially for people that old.”

Suzanna Wynott-Frost said the issue at the DMV is deeper than the long wait times.

“Well besides my picture, my drivers license number, my address,” said Wynott-Frost. “I’m not sure I haven’t seen a real ID, but perhaps a thumb print.”

Her concern was that someone could have access to her personal information.

“My concern is that these real IDs will allow people access to military bases or to buy guns or open up travel a little easier,” said Wynott-Frost. “I don’t want the wrong people doing this.”

We connected with the DMV who we asked about the missing ID. They said they are looking into it.

In the meantime, the complaints about the DMV have not gone unheard.

On Tuesday, the DMV announced several new ways they said are going to cut down the long wait times.

These could include:

  • Text Notification Option
  • Self-Check-In Kiosks
  • Expanding DMV Now Self-Service Terminals
  • Saturday Service Expansion
  • Early Office Hours
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