California DMV says it’s behind in issuing Real IDs before the October deadline

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Less than eight months before Real IDs will be needed to board domestic flights, at least 9 million Californians still need to line up at the DMV to get the new federally compliant driver’s licenses.

The DMV says it has issued fewer than half of the new licenses it is expecting to process before the October 1st deadline. And that could mean longer lines, as drivers wait until the last minute.

According to the LA Times, they have issued Real IDs to just 25 percent of California’s drivers since it began providing the new licenses in January of 2018. The DMV also reported issuing less Real IDs in January compared to the past six months.

John Cox, former gubernatorial candidate, was in studio to discuss how to make this process easier.

The full LA Times article can be found here.

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