California GOP Chair Jessica Millan Patterson criticizes state officials over vaccine distribution

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The vaccine rollout is going much slower than projected across the state of California, and many people are getting frustrated with our flawed process.

An op-ed in the LA Times titled, “California, stop sitting on your COVID vaccine doses,” criticized several state officials for how they have distributed the vaccine, especially here in California.

California originally made guidelines that allowed for a very specific demographic of people to be eligible for the vaccine, but it turned out to be too specific.

The CDC now says states should allow anyone over 65-years-old to receive the vaccine, a switch that should significantly speed up the distribution process. But, San Diego County health officials say they are going to continue limiting the vaccine because they need time to change the system that’s in place.

Florida has been doing this, and they are distributing many more vaccines with a much higher demand than we are experiencing.

The op-ed begins, “Federal officials agreed on Tuesday to release the nation’s entire stock of COVID-19 vaccination doses for immediate distribution — something that President-elect Joe Biden and a group of governors including Gov. Gavin Newsom have urged.” Continuing, “That’s great. Vaccines only work when they are used.”

California GOP Chair, Jessica Millan Patterson, said this isn’t the best idea, because we can’t even distribute the vaccines we already have efficiently.

Millan Patterson joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on Good Evening San Diego to explain her criticism for our state officials with their flawed vaccine distribution strategy in more detail.

The LA Times op-ed can be read here.

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