California is last state in country to lift ban on indoor dining

CARLSBAD (KUSI) – Restaurant owners are fed up with California’s tiered reopening system, and a growing number of restaurant owners aren’t waiting any longer.

California is extremely far behind in the reopening process compared to every other state in the country, but our public health orders refuse to tell us why.

California recently became the 50th state to allow outdoor youth sports to resume, and is the last state to allow indoor youth sports to resume.

Furthermore, California is the only state continuing to ban gyms, museums, weddings, and charity functions from resuming normal operations.

KUSI News has routinely attempted to hear the “science” that justifies this, but San Diego County Health, led by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, refuse to give an answer. Last week, KUSI’s Tommy Sablan asked Fletcher why we are so far behind in the reopening process, and Fletcher told him to, “ask them.” The shocking question and answer was even highlighted to a national audience on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the highest rated cable news show in the country.

As frustration with leadership in San Diego County and the state of California, business owners have began taking matters into their own hands.

Thursday morning, Fabio Montagna, explained on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego that “after many months, unfortunately, I’m not able to close my business anymore. I don’t want to decrease any pay check, or any hours, of my employees anymore.”

Montagna isn’t the only one in this situation.

KUSI’s Dan Plante was live in Carlsbad with several more restaurant owners who are also fed up with California’s arbitrary lockdowns, and the restrictive color tiered system.

As a result of San Diego County health’s refusal to stand up for them and refute Gavin Newsom, many of them have reopened for business.

The restaurant owners were accompanied by their Attorney Michael Curran, who represents nearly 700 business who are taking part in a constitutionally protected right to peacefully protest.

Curran announced that he filed a formal complaint against the ABC Thursday, “because the ABC has failed to follow the law.” Explaining they “have done fake violations. Unsigned, unfiled, that is a violation of law. Fake citations, they have given people, because the whole idea is to intimidate, to scare them.”

Curran also pointed out that the lockdown orders are not “laws, they are orders.” Adding the “community support has magnified over time” for the restaurants that have reopened in defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom’s orders.

Curran described this formal complaint in more detail during the 5:00PM hour of KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego, watch:

Brad Thomas, the executive chef of The Compass in Carlsbad, said “it’s insane” that the rest of the nation can safely have indoor dining, and we can’t.




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