California legislators push to reopen schools, Board President optimistic about teacher vaccinations in time for spring

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – California legislators have submitted legislation that dictates what they deem needed for districts to open schools again, but even after weeks, Gov. Newsom is still not in full support of Senate Bill 86.

According to Richard Barrera, President of San Diego Unified School Board, who joined KUSI, the bill prioritizes vaccinations for teachers, requiring low case rates, and looks towards a mid-April timeline to reopen.

The Board is working closely with the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, particularly Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who has talked about a March 1 date for vaccinating educators.

Barrera said he hopes the California State Legislature and the governor can come to an agreement.

While some groups such as “Reopen SDUSD” want schools to open before all teachers are vaccinated, Barrera said he believes SDUSD can vaccinate teachers in time for reopening schools in spring.

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