California primary moved to March, how this effects presidential candidates

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – By moving its primary to March, California might determine who the Democratic presidential nominee will be in the 2020 election cycle. Delegate rich California, along with Texas, will be joining 13 other states on  Super Tuesday, which could reduce the Democratic field to a handful of candidates.

The Democratic field is so large the party may need to split the TV debates into two tiers, over two days, and Political Consultant John Dadian says if you’re tier two you might think about closing your campaign office.

Shifting the Primary from June to March 3rd was intended to force candidates to talk about the issues important to California voters.

California voters will have mail ballots in their hands on February 3rd, the same day Iowa’s caucus and a month later, after the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, comes Super Tueday involving 16 states including California and Texas.

If you want the nomination you cannot dismiss California. The three front runners in California  are Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

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