California Republicans first introduced gas tax suspension plan in June 2021

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Gas prices, inflation and cost of living are at all time highs, and Americans are struggling to pay their bills.

Until now, President Biden and the Democrats haven’t held themselves responsible for any of the problems. Instead, they’ve routinely insisted all of the problems were Vladimir Putin’s fault.

In California, Republicans introduced a plan to provide immediate relief to Californians by suspending the highest in the nation gas tax, but Democrats shut it down every time.

Republicans in California first introduced the plan one year ago, in June 2021.

Republican State Senator Brian Jones appeared on KUSI News once again to explain how Democrats have refused to pass the gas tax suspension, and why he hopes Biden’s proposal will force them to admit they have been wrong.

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Wednesday on Good Evening San Diego, Assemblyman Randy Voepel discussed Biden’s announcement.

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