California school districts send out thousands of pink slips to teachers

Tuesday was the day school districts throughout California had to officially notify thousands of teachers they were being laid off as a worst-case budget scenario. That includes San Diego Unified. KUSI's Ed Lenderman has been following this story and reports on the latest details.

The worst-case scenarios are of course tied to what's going on in Sacramento. The budget and the governor's plan for a special election to extend taxes to help close the state's huge deficit.

San Diego Teachers Association head Bill Freeman was among educators throughout the state wearing a red t-shirt Tuesday, he said of the unfortunate situation, “it's disrupting lives, its disrupting families, it's disrupting classrooms.”

For example, Sherman Elementary School, where 83-percent of the students are learning English as a second language, as things stand now, Sherman is losing 14 of its 26 kindergarten through fifth grade teachers.

Principal Eddie Caballero, who's also gotten a pink slip, met with the teachers Monday. “Some were very surprised, some go back to 2003, so they didn't expect it. We haven't hired permanent teachers since 2005, so we're going pretty deep,” said Caballero.

Although the district had to mail out the pink slips Tuesday, the district had the principals pick up the notices last Friday so the news could be delivered in person.

Nearly 2-thousand notices, more than a thousand involving teachers, about 1 in 8 in the district.

If governor Brown's measure makes the ballot and voters approve the tax extensions, hundreds would be brought back to California school districts.

The California Teachers Association is reporting that nearly 19,000 layoff notices were issued statewide and that doesn't include all the districts. The final count is expected Friday.

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