Californian among Barcelona victims, father speaks out on attack

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The American who was killed in the terror attacks in Barcelona was identified Friday as Jared Tucker of Lafayette, California.

Jared and his wife Heidi were in Barcelona celebrating their one-year anniversary and a belated honeymoon when the attack happened. 

Jared’s father, Dan Tucker, said Jared and Heidi were with their friend Even who lives in Barcelona. While Heidi and Evan shopped in the Las Ramblas district, Jared went to find a restroom right when a white van plowed through the crowd. 

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Jared’s wife was called into the American Consulate in Barcelona to identify Jared in pictures and will go to a local morgue to further identify his body.

Neither Heidi or Evan were injured in the attack.

“It’s been bitter, but I don’t know what my feelings are. I’m not angry so much as I just don’t understand it,” Dan said.

Dan said his son stayed close to family and friends.

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“He was really a neat guy. He and I have worked together since he was 16. I have several companies and he runs one of them. Everybody that’s employed by him loves him and all the customers that he’s done work for love him,” Dan said

Dan said he and Jared were extremely close, not only as father and son but as business partners and friends.

“We have a lot of support through our church, through the LDS Church. The Priesthood people were over this morning and gave both of us blessings. I just don’t know how people handle something like this when they don’t have a support group,” he said.

Friends and family posted about their heartbreak and tributes to Tucker on social media.

Wrote one woman, “Grew up knowing Jared and his wonderful family from church and school. Keeping Jared and his family in our prayers.”

Eric Janson wrote on Facebook and Twitter, “This has hit home now. I’ve known Jared Tucker since high school. I’ve done many a backpacking trips with him. He’d be one of the tallest people in #Barcelona and easy to spot with his surfer blond hair. It sounds like he was on the #LasRamblas when the attack happened.”

Right now, Jared’s sister is on her way to Barcelona to help make arrangements to bring him home when investigations are complete.

His family is planning a formal service.  

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