California’s big city mayors suggest compromise on redevelopment agencies

Mayor Jerry Sanders, along with California's big city mayors, have come up with a compromise plan to save the state's redevelopment agencies. But so far, Sacramento isn't interested. KUSI's Steve Bosh has been following this story and shares the details of the proposed compromise.

The plan would give the governor what he wants, 1.7-billion dollars for the state budget, but the mayor's can't seem to get what they want.

What we have here is a group of very frustrated local officials who can't even get the governor to talk to them.

The mayor's have offered a proposal that's a basis for negotiation but Mayor Sanders says, they don't know how to negotiate when no ones responds back.

Their plan was sent to the legislature and governor last week and nobody's heard a peep since. The governor has said if anybody has a better plan let's see it.

The mayor admits the governor did a good job of framing this issue before the mayors knew it was coming and now they're trying to play catch up.

The plan has redevelopment agencies sending 5-percent of their annual dollars back to the state, about 200-million dollars. The 1.7-billion the governor needs could be borrowed with the 200-million covering the debt payments.

If the governor has his way, and the agencies are blown up, cities like San Diego will lose badly needed projects, like the permanent homeless shelter the council passed Tuesday.

In short, billions of redevelopment projects will not happen. 8.5-million dollars would be San Diego's share of the 200-million the agencies would send back to the state.

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