California’s state funded program for sexually violent predators costs taxpayers $4,000 a month in rent in Jacumba Hot Springs

JACUMBA HOT SPRINGS (KUSI) – A state funded program for sexually violent predators is paying out four times the going rate for housing in San Diego’s East County.

In a lease obtained by KUSI News, taxpayers are paying $4,000 a month in rent for each sexually violent predator housed in Jacumba Hot Springs.

One instance even being a pedophile who’s back in custody after violating the terms of his release.

Jacumba residents and County leaders believe the time is now to fix the broken system.

In this special report, KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries breaks down what is going on with the funding surrounding the despicable sexually violent predators living in Jacumba Hot Springs.

Jacumba Hot Springs

Jacumba Hot Springs neighborhood where sexually violent predators are given taxpayer funded shelter.


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