Camp Pendleton security scare

A mysterious incident on Camp Pendleton has military bases all over the country on a higher alert.

According to a Camp Pendleton spokesman, three men of Middle Eastern descent pulled up to the base and claimed they were lost. Criminal investigators say the men, two from Iran, one from Afghanistan, tried to get on the base early Sunday morning, each one saying they were heading to Glendale.

They were in two different cars, one of which tried to storm past the front gate.

Military police pulled them over searched the cars and ran background checks then let them go. Base security says the steering wheel and airbag in the second car had been tampered with and wires were hanging out.

The next day one of them returned once again saying he was lost.

The military claims they're not on a terror list and don't pose a threat. Despite that position Camp Pendleton has sent out an alert to all military bases telling them about the so-called “unusual circumstances.”

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