Campaign to repeal California gas tax increase to begin Thursday

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Last month, Governor Brown signed into law a tax hike of $5 billion per year to fix the state’s crumbling highways. Former city councilmember Carl DeMaio is kicking off a campaign Thursday to collect voter signatures as part of an effort to roll back the recent taxes.

The campaign is using what is called the "Gazelle Strategy” — because it strategically targets weak state legislators who voted for the taxes, by recalling them one-by-one.

DeMaio and other opponents of the gas tax are working to recall state senator Josh Newman of Orange County, a freshman democrat who narrowly won his Orange County seat last year and voted for the tax hike.

DeMaio’s campaign intends to file recall papers in the next month against senator Newman and collect 60,000 valid signatures to force him from office.

They say after recalling senator Newman, democrats will lose their super majority and will not be able to arbitrarily raise taxes.

Formal campaign kickoff slated for this Thursday — at an ARCO Gas Station with a live broadcast of KOGO’s Carl DeMaio and KFI’s John and Ken.

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"This is just the first step in rolling back the Car & Gas Tax hikes. We will continue to recall California State Senators until they repeal the taxes," said DeMaio

"We have a list of other that we’re gonna go after and we’re gonna go one by one. You don’t really need to recall them all, you need to punish them, by picking a few of them off and knowing you’re going to be successful. Again, they think we’re just gonna diffuse, go after all of them, and we’re gonna spread ourselves thin. No, not this time. We’re all going to work together and punish them one by one, and also work statewide to put a measure on the 2018 ballot that really takes the money away from them and says you just can’t spend this on anything, you can’t put money into a high-speed rail, crazy train to nowhere. You gotta fix our roads. You keep talking about the roads and the potholes, but that looks like window dressing, because you always end up diverting the money into your pet projects and other programs."

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