St. Augustine Saints 51, Canyon Springs Pioneers 12

Week 1 of the opening 2017 football season has sprung with many enticing games that brought many to the edge of their seats. The St. Augustine Saints and The Canyon Springs Pioneers battled it out for the season opener game and made for some note-worthy plays. The Saints however, took home the first slice of cake this Friday night with a dominating score of 51-6. 
St. Augustine meant business as soon as the Friday night lights hit, DeAndre Daniels bolted all the way to the end zone with a 51 yard touchdown, which would set the mood for what else was to come for the superstar. Quarterback Ryan Thomas to Jr Justice for a 3 yard touchdown. Soon after, Canyon Springs has possession but their quarterback gets hit and the fumble is recovered by Jared Stearns, ending the first quarter 13-0 St. Augustine. 
Good thing Jr Justice has a great quarterback because there is Ryan Thomas connecting with him yet again for a 5 yard touchdown. Canyon Springs decides its time to get some points up on the board with a pass to Diamante Burton who takes is 65 yards home. St. Augustine will keep their scoring streak strong because DeAndre Daniels shells out an 85 yard kick off return touchdown, talk about a playmaker for the Saints. What kind of teammates would the Saints be if they were not there for each other, well Isaac Wright fumbles but not to fear Ryan Cummins is there to catch him when he falls, capping off the second half 34-6 Saints. 
St. Augustine showcased why they are such a riveting team in the San Diego section, due to their powerful defense they were able to get the ball exactly where it needed to be tonight. Make sure to tune into Prep Pigskin Report next Friday at 10:30 PM for all your football needs!

PREVIEW: High school football is back in full swing as the St. Augustine Saints host the Canyon Springs Pioneers, who just happen to be the 15th ranked most dominant team in Las Vegas.

The Saints are a force to be reckoned with as they are led by senior quarterback J.R. Justice who also happened to be his team’s leading receiver and accounted for 12 touchdowns for the 2016 season. The Saints kick off with 14 returning starters; it is without a doubt that their defense will be a fun one to watch unravel this season.

St. Augustine has accounted for a total of 77 wins and 25 losses under Coach Richard Sanchez; last season they went 10-3 overall and 3-2 in league. The Pioneers, who are led by Coach Gus McNair, went 8-2 during the regular season and ended with 4-0 for a perfect league record. 

While St. Augustine might appear to have an upper hand in this upcoming season with all of their returning starters, Canyon Springs has 6-foot-4 defensive tackle Germaine Carmena who had 20 tackles and 7 sacks in the 2016 season. This matchup will be one for the eyes, as both teams have insane momentum to showcase under the Friday night lights this week. 

Reminder that if you can’t make it out to Mesa College for the game on Friday night, be sure to catch all the highlights on The Prep Pigskin Report at 10:30 PM on KUSI.

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