Car catches fire after traffic collision in Chula Vista

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) – A traffic collision at Billy Casper Way and Bonita Road Sunday set one car on fire.

Deputy Bryan Keshka initiated a traffic stop for an equipment violation on gold Cadillac.

The vehicle failed to yield, fleeing at a high rate of speed westbound on Bonita Rd. The vehicle collided with the center median divider at Billy Casper Way and Bonita Road.

The vehicle’s rear left tire was damaged, but the vehicle continued west on Bonita Rd., now driving on the metal rim. The vehicle became disabled at 3838 Bonita Rd.

The driver, later identified as Diane Ballistre, continued to press the accelerator causing the damaged tire to catch fire as result of friction between the rim and asphalt.

This resulted in the vehicle catching fire. Ms. Ballistre was pulled out of the vehicle by Deputy Keshka and Lopez.

Bonita Fire Department arrived at the scene and put the fire out.

Ballistre was evaluated at the scene and arrested for driving under the influence (alcohol).

There were no injuries to the deputies or the arrestee. Ballistre will be booked at Las Colinas. Chula Vista Police are handling the collision at Billy Casper Way and Bonita Road.

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