Carl DeMaio blasts court decision to make California tax hikes easier

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A California Supreme Court let stand a decision by a lower court regarding Proposition C in San Francisco that allowed for tax increases to go into effect with a simple majority vote, rather than the long-standing two-thirds majority vote.

Here in the City of San Diego, the decision may allow Measure C from the March 2020 primary to go into effect to increase the city’s hotel tax.

Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio, has been leading the opposition against this ruling. DeMaio says it unfairly allows the state to implement tax increases on Californians without being approved by a two-thirds vote from voters.

“Not a single word in the California State Constitution allows earmarked tax increases to be approved by anything other than a two-thirds vote, but this court packed with liberal judges is now literally ignoring the Constitution so make it easier for politicians to raise taxes on working families in our state. This extreme and unconstitutional decision is just another reason why we need a taxpayer rebellion in California to take back our government,” DeMaio explained.

DeMaio joined KUSI on Good Morning San Diego to explain how California Democrats are ignoring the constitution to raise our taxes.


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