Carl DeMaio reacts to Newsom’s economic recovery package

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Governor Gavin Newsom will submit his $100 billion California Comeback Plan to the Legislature Friday in Sacramento.

Over the course of the week, Governor Newsom has toured the state to announce key parts of the economic recovery package which includes relief for Californians recovering from the pandemic in the form of direct checks to Californians and a small business relief program.

The plan also includes a $12 billion plan to tackle the homelessness crisis, $20 billion in proposed investments to transform public schools and a $5.1 billion package supporting the state’s drought response and water infrastructure.

Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Reform California, is blasting Newsom’s statewide plan as not only a colossal waste of taxpayer funds but a blatant political move to influence votes in the upcoming Recall Election pending against Newsom. “There is no doubt here: Gavin Newsom is literally trying to bribe voters with their own money to avoid being recalled from office,” says DeMaio.


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