Carl DeMaio suggests San Diego County health officials are using wrong data indicators to make decisions

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – County Health Officials across the country, and here in San Diego, are issuing out coronavirus data, and using the data points they deem appropriate to shutdown the economy and people’s lives.

As the pandemic continues, more data becomes available to be analyzed.

Chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio, believes we are not analyzing the right data.

DeMaio doesn’t think positive case counts are the best indicator for this disease. As supporters of reopening the country have been saying, including President Trump, as more tests are conducted, more positive cases will be found.

DeMaio says hospitalization rates and deaths are much better indicators to analyze when implementing government mandated lockdowns on businesses and lifestyle. Hospitalization rates and deaths have been steady as case numbers increase, which DeMaio says shows we do not need to be locked down again.

Carl DeMaio explained why he believes we need to use these data indicators to appropriately monitor and react to the coronavirus pandemic on Good Morning San Diego.

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