Carlsbad cracking down on illegal traffic signal switchers

CARLSBAD (CNS) – The City of Carlsbad says it is using new traffic
signal technology to crack down on the use of equipment that turns red lights

About two weeks ago, city transportation staff contacted police after an
irregularity with traffic signals was noted, according to police spokeswoman
Jodee Sasway. Traffic engineers found that motorists appeared to have used
illegal signal preemption devices to change the lights, she said.

A driver was cited March 27 for possession of one of the devices at a
traffic signal on Armada Drive. Sasway said the fine for the violation of the
state Vehicle Code would start at $2,000.

“The signal preemption sensor is only legally used by the Fire
Department during an emergency response, changing the lights to green and
speeding a lifesaving response,” said city Traffic Engineer Bryan Jones.

He said the misuse of the sensor changes the normal cycle of the traffic
and can disrupt the flow for six to eight minutes, which can cause traffic to
back up.

However, the city has a new traffic management center which is a
computerized traffic signal system with cameras to detect vehicles at
intersections, Sasway said. When needed, traffic engineers could use the
cameras to watch how vehicles triggering the sensors as well as how well a
signal was servicing an intersection, she said.

“Anyone thinking of using these devices should know that with this new
technology, we can track you, and the Police Department will be enforcing this
law,” said police Cpl. Robert Shelton.

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