Carlsbad desalination plant running at full capacity with ‘shelter in place’

CARLSBAD (KUSI) – When your business is water, your business is essential. Over at the Desalination Plant in Carlsbad, it’s anything but business as usual.

“We’ve had 10 people on the job for about 21 days. Each one of those people is a specialist and volunteered to be here. We’re doing something unique. We’ve brought in separate trailers for each one of the workers and groceries are delivered every couple days. We also have washer and dryers so they can wash their clothes,” says Jessica Jones of Poseidon Water.

While most businesses are trying to reinvent themselves, this place could be a model for others moving forward. The treatment plant is working at full capacity with a fraction of the staff on site.

“We are continuing to produce the same amount of water, 50-million gallons a day, or enough water for 400-thousand people in San Diego,” Jones said.

Running a business with only 10-people can be a challenge. Especially when those ten people will never come in contact with each other. They work in separate parts of the treatment plant and they live in their private trailers. Each person volunteers for 21 days, then another 10-people will take over. This Thursday is time for the new shift.

“It took us three days to put this plan together. Now water plants from all over the country are coming to us for advice. We’re going to make sure that everyone here is safe and the water keeps flowing,” Jones said.

One of the many stories of reinventing ourselves under crisis conditions.

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