Carlsbad State Beach remains open despite Governor’s “shelter in place”

CARLSBAD (KUSI) –  At a time when thousands of people have be told to “shelter in place,” there is one place in San Diego County where life in thriving outdoors.

As long as everyone keeps proper distance, California State Beaches will remain open, and that’s a welcome site.

“We found a nice little patch of paradise out here.  We’ve been locked up for three weeks with the kids and this is the first time we’ve been outside.  We’re being careful but it’s nice to finally live our lives”, says Katy Saffert of Carlsbad.

Carlsbad State Beaches is one of many State Beaches that remain open to the public, despite the Governor’s stance on “shelter in place”.

“Well I’m not sheltering in place.  I am being careful and keeping my distance from people, but I’m crazy staying inside all day,” says Mark Barrios of Ocean Beach.  He drove 45-miles to Carlsbad just to get in the ocean.  The beaches are on lock down in the City of San Diego.

Of course there area limits.  Parking lots are closed and people are reminded to keep their distance.  But families can bring chairs and towels and gather together.  If not related, their enforcing the 6-foot limit.

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