Carlsbad’s Fire Awareness Symposium promotes wildfire awareness and preparedness

CARLSBAD (KUSI) – In Carlsbad Friday, a timely-symposium on wildfire awareness and preparedness.  It came on the five-year anniversary of the city’s Poinsettia Fire.

It was 10:34 in the morning.  “A perfect storm,”  as a Carlsbad battalion chief put it.

Four days later, the Poinsettia Fire had caused $22,000,000 in damage.  And it could have  been much worse, if not for the work of Carlsbad’s firefighters, joined by neighboring agencies including San Diego and San Marcos.

Five years later, almost to the day, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and it’s Ready Carlsbad Business Alliance held a morning-long symposium on fire awareness and preparation at the Carlsbad Safety Center.

David Harrison was a principle speaker. He’s Carlsbad’s Emergency Preparedness Manager.

He told KUSI,  “This fire back in 2014 started in the geographic center of Carlsbad, so we had no advanced notification. So we had to do emergency evacuations notices, through the Emergency Preparedness Center, using the Alert San Diego system with which most residents are familiar.  But you have to register your cell phone for that. This year, based on what’s happened in Northern California, there’s a new system called the Wireless Alerting System.  You don’t need to register for that, but it goes countywide. So if you want both, you have to register for one, and pay attention to  the wireless alerting during red flag conditions during these Santa Ana winds.”

As for his audience, Harrison emphasized the need for businesses to have detailed evacuation plans the same as families.

David Harrison will be on KUSI this weekend:  Sunday morning, 11 o’clock.  Our program is San Diego People, and we devote it to wildfire awareness and preparedness, 2019.


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