Carson stadium supporters reach 14K signatures

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Is this the nail in the coffin for Chargers fan who want the Bolts to say here? Perhaps. Is it a clear sign of how bad the folks in Carson want the Chargers? Definitely.

A little while ago, the group “Carson2gether” held a rally to announce the following:

The plans to build a $1.7 billion stadium for the Chargers and Raiders moved ahead as backers submitted more than 14,000 signatures in support of a ballot initiative to be put before voters or consideration by the city council.

But here’s the catch: They gathered twice as many signatures than they needed and they did it in record time … eight days.

The signature-gathering campaign was supposed to last until mid-April.

It’s why they called Saturday’s gather “The Red Zone Rally” because they said metaphorically, they are in the red zone, about to score a touchdown in their efforts to get a stadium built.

Here’s what one Charger fan had to say about Saturday’s news.

“I think it’s lame, it’s like what they did with the Browns and the Ravens basically. I think it’s lame, but they’re just greedy and all they care about is money, so if they leave we’ll probably get another team in 20 years or something like that. But good riddance, if that’s all they care about is money.”

Chargers’ counsel Mark Fabiani had this reaction to the signature drive:

“The level of support for the stadium in Carson was sky high and with the support of organized labor we gather the required number of signatures in record time.”

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