Case Closed! & Back on Track!

Thursday, May 24, 2012 – KUSI's Michael Turko specializes in solving problems for KUSI viewers. Tonight he closes one case and reveals some major progress on another.

    Everyone involved in this case now calls it a “misunderstanding.” But it's a misunderstanding that almost cost a wireless customer well over a thousand bucks. She says she got nothing but empty promises until Turko opened this file. But now we can mark it case closed! Go Wireless says they've made some changes in their local operation and given their employees some pretty clear instructions to make sure the same mistake doesn't happen again. 

    Now a case that's one of Turko's biggest successes in recent memory. Who could forget what happened to Tony Phillips? He lost his leg to cancer, and then found out that his Kaiser Permanente health plan didn't cover a prosthetic replacement. He says even his own doctors were outraged. But it took several Turko Files reports to get this situation back on track!

    Later this summer I'll take you on a real hike with Tony Phillips. He says he's determined to overcome his disability and get back to the active lifestyle he's always enjoyed. 

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