Cathedral 17, Eastlake 14

A hard fought battle between the Eastlake Titans (3-3) and the Cathedral Catholic Dons (5-1) brought us a very close matchup, ending with a Dons win 17-14!

The game started off well for the Titans as Izzack Morales threw a 30-yard pass to Dean Klaser for a TD.

The 2nd quarter brought us more scoring from both teams. Four minutes in, the Dons were about to punt, when suddenly Adam Wilson faked the punt and ran the ball 53 yards for an incredible TD. Minutes later, star running back for the Titans, Isaiah Strayhorn ripped through the Don’s defense and pulled off a screaming 80 yard TD run, putting his team back on top.

The 3rd quarter breezed by, both teams’ defenses holding up to keep both teams off the scoreboard.

Early on in the 4th quarter, Dons’ QB Clayton Dale dumped the ball off to Kai Walter for a 25-yard TD tying the game up at 14. Time was ticking and both teams looked desperate to get the point that would break the tie. The Don’s drove the ball down the field; with nine seconds on the clock, Adam Wilson came up with a huge 27-yard reception that set up what would be the play of the game. With two seconds on the clock, Tim Semenza lined up for a 37-yard FG; a moment of silence and then joyous screaming from the Dons end of the field. Dons take the W!

After this game, the Dons are irresistibly one of the best teams in San Diego County, proving their worth away from home. After an almost perfect defensive display, the Titans fell short on the night as they were handed their third defeat this season.

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