Cause of Russian plane crash still a mystery

RUSSIA (KUSI) – Still no answer about what brought down a Russian airliner in the Egyptian desert.

All 224 people on board died in the crash over the weekend.

An airline executive made comments that lead some to suspect terrorism.

However, Russia’s top aviation official said it’s too early to come to any conclusions.

Bodies are arriving.

The nation of Russia observes a day of mourning after the death of the 224 people onboard a Russian passenger jet that crashed in Egypt.

The grief here is evident, the cause of the crash is not.

Flight 9288 was headed to Saint Petersburg from an Egyptian resort in the Sinai Peninsula.

It shattered in the air about 20 minutes after takeoff.

No distress calls were received from the cockpit.

An executive with the Russian airline company blames an "external influence."

ISIS claimed responsibility in a Tweet but U.S. Official aren’t convinced.

Russian officials also warned of making any premature conclusions.

The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorders have been recovered and are being analyzed.

Signs of terrorism should be easy to spot, even among the obliterated remnants of the jet.

Without answer, families of the mainly Russian victims find only pain and support of a nation, crying beside them. 

A plane carrying the remains of additional victims of the plane crash is expected in St. Petersburg.

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