CDC updates mask recommendations for areas with high or substantial virus transmission

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As the more transmissible Delta variant spreads rapidly, particularly among the unvaccinated, more and more healthcare officials are recommending masks despite vaccination status.

Dr. Georgine Nanos of Kind Health Group joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on Good Evening San Diego to discuss the CDC’s updated mask recommendation.

This situation was not surprising to Dr. Nanos because vaccine numbers were not where they should have been, she explained.

Should they still end up contracting the virus, vaccinated people will likely not die or be hospitalized, but instead will likely experience just a mild cold, Dr. Nanos said.

Byrnes asked Dr. Nanos to confirm whether or not vaccinated people have died from COVID-19 anyway, to which she responded that the number of vaccinated people who have died from it is infinitesimal.

It’s extremely rare and they’re probably dying from something else, she added.

As long as people continue to not get vaccinated, unmasked children are going to continue to be at risk, she said, though children have shown they are less likely to become ill, she added.

We can’t mandate unvaccinated people to wear masks, resulting in the blanketed mask mandate.

The unvaccinated people are not going to get vaccinated by hearing it from political figures or news personalities, Dr. Nanos explained, they’re going to listen to those close to them who love them, she added.

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