Chaldean community celebrate heritage through beauty pageant

Thursday night, the Chaldean community celebrated their heritage with a pageant. The Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce held the “Miss Middle East Beauty Pageant” Thursday in La Jolla at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was judged on the contestants' ability to answer questions as well as on their goals and dreams. 

“There's 17 beautiful women, all different ages, that are competing in this pageant,” said KUSI reporter Brandi Williams, one of the judges for the evening. “It's the first time that they've ever put it on, they're all of Middle Eastern descent, and they've been working towards this for months now. They've been training, they've been working with different types of coaches. Preparing for this pageant, is something these girls have been looking forward to for months now.”
The three winning girls will receive scholarships for all their hard work.
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