Chance the Rapper: “I’ve dropped $30,000 on Postmates!! And I don’t forget to tip”

(TMZ) – Chance the Rapper is here to make sure you don’t feel bad about all the money you’ve spent on Postmates … because you probably can’t come close to the huge tab he’s racked up.

The rapper is one of Postmates’ most dedicated customers … because the company tells us he started getting deliveries way back in 2015 and he’s since dropped more than $30,000, including $4,000 in tips!!!

Chance is being featured on a Postmates series, The Receipt, which profiles celebs who are big spenders … sharing their strangest requests and favorite orders.

Baked goods keep Chance going in the studio … his new album just dropped, and while he was working on “The Big Day,” Chance kept his team fueled with fresh croissants, cake and coffee.

Chance’s first order was for chicken wings from Harold’s Chicken Shack on March 4, 2015, and since then he’s racked up 632 orders for 1,992 items across 26 cities.

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