Founder John Cox says the cost to clean energy mandates is the statewide blackouts

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The recent brownouts in California were caused by the failure of a power plant and the loss of wind power. It marked the first rolling outages in nearly 20 years.

The three biggest utilities — Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric — turned off power to more than 410,000 homes and businesses for about an hour at a time until the emergency declaration ended a few hours later.

Temperatures in the West have been soaring, resulting in increased air conditioning use. Utility managers say the power grid is put to the test during the late afternoon and early evening because of higher demand and as solar energy production declines.

Governor Newsom says he is launching an investigation after the president of the grid operator was very clear saying the Public Utilities Commission failed.

Former gubernatorial candidate and Founder of, John Cox, discussed the blackouts on Good Morning San Diego.

Cox explained the rotating blackout are likely a result of California’s environmentally cautious energy policies. Explaining, “we have to recognize there is a cost to all of this, and we have to manage this so that we get the best benefit from that clean energy but we don’t do it at the cost.”

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