Founder John Cox says the cost to clean energy mandates is the statewide blackouts

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As Governor Newsom and utility officials say a low energy supply result in rotating blackouts, others believe it is a result of California’s strict environmental policies that relate to energy use and consumption.

The last time California was forced to implement rotating blackouts because of an insufficient energy supply was nearly 20 years ago during the 2001 energy crisis.

After that government debacle, California voters recalled then Governor Gray Davis.

Now, Governor Newsom says he is launching an investigation after the president of the grid operator was very clear saying the Public Utilities Commission failed.

Monday, a spokesperson for SDG&E told KUSI’s Sasha Foo that the company can’t identify the reason for the power shortage but suggested that the heat wave and the effects of the pandemic, with more people staying at home could be factors.

Former gubernatorial candidate and Founder of, John Cox, discussed the energy debacle with KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries.

Cox explained the rotating blackout are likely a result of California’s environmentally cautious energy policies. Explaining, “we have to recognize there is a cost to all of this, and we have to manage this so that we get the best benefit from that clean energy but we don’t do it at the cost.”

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