Changes to City Council President appointment process rejected

UPDATE: After a lengthy debate, the San Diego City Council decided not to change the way it picks its Council President.

The City Council will meet this afternoon to discuss changing the wait it picks its Council President. Councilmember Scott Sherman will deliver the proposal in a City Council meeting at 2 P.M. today. This is a proposal the Councilmember has been pushing to get approved since early 2015. Basically, Scott’s proposal would appoint future Council Presidents on a rotating order based on seniority.

If approved, the measure would:

• Ensure experience is leading the Council
• Removes horse-trading from the process
• Reduces influence from outside organization
• Emphasizes the administrative purpose of the position
• Increases the cohesiveness and unity of the Council as a whole. (For example, the City of Fresno uses a similar system. The Council President position recently rotated from a Republican Councilmember to a Democrat Councilmember)
• Institutionalizes bipartisan process

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