Chargers get momentum going in off-season

Year 2 of the Mike McCoy era and the Chargers are building up their momentum with the first play-off win since 2008. 

“Since Day 1, everybody said ‘Superbowl’, but we know we can get there,” said Donald Butler, who just signed a 7-year $58.1 million deal. “We have the corps pieces in place to do that.”

“It’s a blessing to come in here every day and do what you love to do,” said Chargers safety Eric Weddle. “And sometimes we have to remind ourselves that. I mean, if you’re not excited to come to work with your teammates, you’re in the wrong profession.”

To make these OTA’s (organized team activities) a lot less complicated, is the familiarity factor between the coaching staff and the players.

“We’re not starting from scratch again, not saying ‘hey, we call it this route. Instead of this, now we call it this. Here’s how we’re doing it – a little different than how we’ve been doing it,'” stated quarterback Philip Rivers. “Now, we’re out there going!”

After the season, several players took a couple weeks off instead starting off-season training, and some tried new training techniques. Donald Butler bought a bike; Philip Rivers ran more hills; and Eric Weddle – he learned about his Ujjayi breath.

“I started yoga this off-season,” said Weddle in a press conference. “Coaches say I need it, so I’m trying it out. It’s good, and I think it’s helped my flexibility. I think that in my position, I can get a half-step closer to a lot things, that means more of big plays. That means I’m going to help my team more.”

In less than three weeks until the draft, we look to each guy’s draft wishlist that’ll help the Chargers get to that next level. 

“I’m biased to defense,” continued Butler. “I want another big nose in front of me.”

“I can’t say that I’m glued in, and know the in-and-out of all the different positions out there,” said Rivers.

“It’s a bonus if we can come in here and play, but when you look at it realistically, what we have right now is what we’re going to be riding with. And if we can hit on a few guys than we did last year, that’s all good for us,” said Weddle. “You got to prepare like ‘this is what we have.'”

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