Chargers still struggling to secure fan base in Los Angeles

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Los Angeles Chargers are struggling to secure a solid fan base in Los Angeles. Analysts say this is a big concern for the NFL as the team prepares to move into the new Inglewood stadium next year.

In fact, they don’t enjoy much of a home-field advantage in a stadium that’s often filled by fans of the visiting team.

Last week, in their home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, cheers for the other team could be heard throughout Pittsburgh’s 24-17 victory. Emotions ran even higher when, in the fourth quarter, a song that is considered “theme music” at Steelers games began playing on the stadium’s speakers. A move that Chargers players and fans did not appreciate.

Meanwhile, in San Diego, the Chargers’ massive fan base is still upset about the move to LA.

KUSI’s Ashlie Rodriguez takes a look at the state of the LA Chargers in this Special Report.


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